Virtuoso Strings Orchestra

Our Kaupapa

The Virtuoso Strings Charitable Trust was founded in 2013 as a way to make classical and contemporary strings music more available to Pasifika and Maori youth. 

Equity to us means everyone is able to access the best quality music education and enjoy a consistently positive orchestral experience regardless of their socio-economic status.

Our programmes deliver community transformation through respect, aroha and inclusion, delivered through the wonderful and mysterious power of classical and contemporary music.

Mauria te Pono - Believe in yourself

Our Vision

We love our community and have a heart to serve in it.

Our vision is for Porirua to be the home of a truly outstanding community orchestra by 2022.

At Virtuoso Strings, we seek to create a thriving and supportive environment which nurtures the talent of all young students, helping them develop strong peer and community connections and build an enduring sense of self-worth.

It is our hope that every orchestra in the country will become a true reflection of the socioeconomic, cultural and ethnic diversity of New Zealand. We believe all aspiring young musicians should be able to dream big and have role models they can relate to.

Me Ako Tonu - Keep Learning

Our Mission

The Virtuoso Strings Charitable Trust aims to generate social benefit through an accessible, inclusive and holistic music education programme in a community-based setting.

  • All aspects of all music programmes (eg. Instruments, tuition, uniform, trips, food, exam fees) are provided freely to students who would not otherwise have the opportunity to participate.
  • All youth residing in socio-economically disadvantaged communities can join free Virtuoso Strings music programmes. 
  • Our Virtuoso Strings Orchestra based in Cannons Creek is open to all young people from the wider Wellington region.
  • Our programmes are not just about music. The Virtuoso Strings mantra is: “If you care about the whole person, they will care a whole lot about learning.”
  • We are community-led and driven. We listen. We plan together. We work together. We celebrate together. 

Ua se aga e tasi - They are all of one mind.

Thanks to our sponsors for your support and belief in us